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The benefits of Kiwifruit in Skincare

Why did we combine kiwifruit with our mud masks? I’ll give you a clue- it has very little to do with kiwifruit being an icon for New Zealand. 

We added it in because like most humans we care about what we put on our skin and kiwifruit is incredibly nutrient dense. There’s a good chance an ever loving, yet over bearing, grandmother has force fed you kiwifruit for this exact reason. Besides enriching your diet, kiwifruit has benefits for your skin and applying kiwifruit externally has shown great success in improving it’s quality.

Kiwifruit is a high source for vitamins A, C and E which all benefit the overall health and appearance of our skin. 
In fact vitamin C is crucial to the formation of collagen which helps the elasticity of our skin. 
Vitamin A encourages natural moisturising eliciting a natural glow and encouraging the overall health of the skin. 
If antioxidants tend to pique your interest then vitamin E is for you- luckily kiwifruit is packed with them. 

All in all we believe Kiwifruit to be a powerful tool in our skincare routine. Who would have thought delicious kiwifruit and luscious Rotorua mud could be the answer to our amazing complexions? 
Luckily for you we aren’t a fan of gate-keeping secrets