Our Story

It all started about 35 years ago. My father, Mel Friend, a local Rotorua man, founded Friend Wholesale in 1980. His vision was to find and manufacture the best New Zealand had to offer and supply these products to souvenir retailers around the country.

In the early 80’s, Mel had the opportunity to purchase a small company called Beauty Spa which manufactured a small number of skincare products based on thermal mud.

Being surrounded by one of the most beautiful and natural environments in the world, it is only logical that this environment was the inspiration behind Mel’s acquisition of the business. He quickly realised the potential of natural skincare products and further expanded the Thermal Mud range, followed by adding new product lines such as the extremely popular Lanolin Oil.

The next chapter began when I joined my father in the company.

“I’ve always have been passionate about all the natural cleaning, healing and protecting elements that New Zealand nature has to offer, and I believe they should be part of everyone’s daily skin care regime” 

We refined and developed our existing range, and acquired new product lines.  ‘Nature based skin care’ became well and truly part of our company, and to reflect this we rebranded them ‘Pure Source’.

Our products have gone from strength to strength and are now available throughout New Zealand and around the world. We are continuously working to improve what we have and source exciting new ingredients and products. We’re always keeping an eye on the future whilst staying true to our original beliefs of sourcing the best that New Zealand has to offer.

Tracey Friend, Owner.